Benefits While Working

Can I Receive Social Security Benefits While I Work?

Typically, it is more difficult to try to live on disability benefits than to work. There are several special rules, called “work incentives” or “employment support programs,” that provide cash benefits and Medicare while one attempts to work. It is important to understand these in order to take full advantage of them.

For more information about Social Security work incentives, you can ask your local Social Security office for a copy of the booklet, “Working While Disabled ... How We Can Help” (Publication No. 05-10095). The programs created by the Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Improvement Act provide vast opportunities for people with disabilities who wish to work.

Additionally, there are provisions that allow claimants to work while applying for disability as long as they are not engaging in 'substantial gainful employment'. This term is defined by an upper earnings limit that can vary by year and scenario. The best way to figure out the specifics of your own situation is to speak with an experienced Social Security Disability specialist.

If you or someone you know has been improperly denied Social Security disability benefits, contact us immediately to speak with a member of our highly qualified legal staff. We can help discuss your options and determine how we can help you with your disability claim.