Client Testimonials

  • Charles Wheaton

    My experience with Iannella and Mummolo was excellent right from the start. They told me everything that was needed to best represent my claim and explained it in terms that could be easily understood. The staff was very professional and put me at ease throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend them to every person who wants fair and just treatment in obtaining disability benefits they expect and deserve.

    Charles Wheaton, Gloucester, MA
  • Owen Wadleigh

    I apologize for my short email yesterday. I was so overwhelmed by the good news I was shaking and very emotional. You, Brendan, and everyone else at your firm that has helped me along this long process has my most sincere thanks. I know you put up with listening to my depressing emails as I was trying to live on little to nothing, and you replied with words of encouragement and hope. Your personal care and communication literally saved my life. The times I was cold, alone, and having such a hard time just finding food to survive while living in extreme pain, your replies kept my hope and myself alive. There were times when I was on the edge of taking my life, but you took the time to reply to me and keep my hopes alive. You and Brendan, and your firm are the best legal group I have ever dealt with. I owe you my life. Please never change or get burnt out dealing with people. You are doing so much more than a lawyer ever would. I will never forget the personal connection you kept with me through all of this. If you don’t mind, I will continue to give your contact information to those I may meet in the future that are in a similar situation. God bless you both, and thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Your firm is special and really cares about the clients on a personal level. That sets you far above all the rest.

    Owen Wadleigh, Ocala, FL
  • Thomas Langan

    Every attorney that I called in my area refused to represent me. So I decided to retain Iannella and Mummolo even though their main office was not even located in my state. Wow, was I lucky. I&M reviewed my case and knew that I was entitled to benefits. They handled my claim through each stage of the process and even flew out an experienced SSDI lawyer to fight for my benefits before a judge. Now I am collecting benefits. I can’t imagine what my situation would look like if I did not call Iannella and Mummolo.

    Thomas Langan, Spring, TX
  • Linda Zimmerman

    First of all, I would highly recommend this firm. I had a local attorney that was inattentive and hard to reach. When Iannella and Mummolo took my case, I was no longer overlooked or ignored. Each time I called the office, I was able to get helpful and informative answers as to how the SSDI claim works. Not only was I awarded benefits, but I was also awarded back pay for the months that I was not receiving any money before I decided to retain this firm. I would definitely recommend Iannella and Mummolo to anyone I know who plans to file a claim for SSDI benefits.

    Linda Zimmerman, District Heights, MD
  • Jon Palmer

    I wanted to write a letter of strong recommendation and appreciation for the work your firm did for my cause of obtaining Social Security Disability through my attorney, Gordon Kwok, who was invaluable. I considered filing this claim without an attorney to save the fee. I then thought better of it when researching that most cases that failed were cases where claimants did not have an attorney representing them. I could not have done the work this man did for me with such completeness and accuracy. These are high quality individuals who fully deserve the fee that will be paid for their services. I highly recommend them and am indebted to the firm for the services they provided.

    Jon Palmer, Upper Darby, PA
  • Dale Scott

    I would like to thank Iannella and Mummolo for the services it provided to me regarding my workers' compensation claim. The insurance company made repeated efforts to terminate my benefits and, each time, Iannella and Mummolo successfully fought for me before judges at the Dept. of Industrial Accidents so that I could focus on my recovery and continue to receive my entitled benefits. The attorneys and staff continually updated me on the status of my case and provided me with insightful advice whenever an issue arose or I was unsure as to how the workers' compensation system works. Thank you, Iannella and Mummolo for all of your hard work and dedication to protecting my benefits.

    Dale Scott, West Wareham, MA
  • Jennifer Shenk

    Thank you so very much for taking my case. Your staff was both informative and helpful throughout the entire Social Security Disability claim process. Thanks to Iannella & Mummolo, my denied claim was appealed and, as a result, I was granted a favorable decision so that I now receive the benefits to which I am entitled.

    Jennifer Shenk, Camarillo, CA
  • Daniel Hutzell

    My case manager was amazing and had told me that Attorney Gordon Kwok is one of the best in the business. I had lost at 5 hearings with 5 different attorneys. He called me before our hearing and let me know he would make sure I wouldn't lose again. At the Hearing, within 10 minutes, the judge had agreed to award the case. I could not have done it without their help. Words cannot describe my gratitude!

    Daniel Hutzell, Newton Falls, OH
  • Alexander Ortiz

    Iannella & Mummolo and its team of legal professionals represented me before the Social Security Administration after I was twice denied benefits. I&M came to my rescue. From the very first day, my case became a priority for the firm. At each stage of the process, the firm explained and assisted me with incredible detail and patience. Before retaining this firm, applying for SSDI benefits was overwhelming. The I&M team immediately put me at ease and helped me understand the process. I&M's hard work resulted in a favorable decision for me and, for that, I am forever thankful!

    Alexander Ortiz, Lawrence, MA
  • David Barresi

    I appreciate the assistance and dedication from those at your office who assisted me throughout the SSDI claim process. Their knowledge, expertise, and compassion were welcomed at a time when I was unsure as to whether I would ever be awarded SSDI benefits.

    David Barresi, Chandler, AZ
  • Glenn Barrett

    I am so thankful for Iannella & Mummolo's service. My case was handled professionally during each step of the Social Security Disability Benefits Application and Appeals process. As a result of this firm's dedication to my case, I received a fully favorable decision for SSDI benefits.

    Glenn Barrett, Grapeland, TX
  • Alice Knowlton

    I am sincerely thankful for the legal representation of Iannella & Mummolo. As a result of a slip and fall accidents, I sustained serious injuries that required extensive medical treatment. The team at Iannella & Mummolo fought for me and obtained a favorable monetary settlement in less time than I thought it would be.

    Alice Knowlton, Milford, MA